QuestionsCategory: QuestionsAssuming no nearby animal/plant life or other ‘artifical’ influences, would a trapped pocket of air under 50-60 meters of seawater be breathable?
Clean Harbors Staff asked 3 months ago

My guess as to the answer to my own question:

Over a long period of time, no matter what the original composition of the air pocket was, it will exchange gases with the seawater just below it, which will in turn mix with the effectively unlimited supply of seawater beyond. As a result, the proportional gas composition of the air pocket will eventually match that of the seawater, which tends to be lower in dissolved N2, and higher in O2 and CO2 than the regular atmosphere. As a result, it would not be breathable by people because of the excess of CO2.

Is my reasoning sound, or have I missed something?