Garmaine Staff asked 3 years ago

Looking for input on my garage rewiring project.

House built in early 1950's. A slightly roomy one-car garage. I want to modernize it and make it nice to work in; sometimes power tools and car tools, etc. Garage is attached to the house. No problem running cables from the breaker panel through basement joists to the garage.

Currently a single 15 amp circuit supplies this:

  • garage outlets (3, 1 of which is for door opener)
  • garage lights (3 porcelain ceiling fixtures)
  • exterior garage flood light (1)
  • exterior outlet (in backyard)

I'm thinking of doing this:

20 amp circuit:

  • 8 outlets (2 side wall, 3 back, 3 other side)

another 20 amp circuit:

  • garage lights
  • ceiling outlet for door opener
  • exterior garage flood light
  • 2 exterior outlets (one in backyard, one outside garage door)

Does this seem reasonable? Or should the 2nd circuit be split up?