Garmaine Staff asked 2 years ago

On my shower drain, I have a broken screw flange, so only one of the screws is holding the drain cover in place. This causes the drain cover to slide around easily when your foot hits it during a shower. The other screw got lost a while back due to this issue. Is there any easy way to reattach this flange? Before it broke, the threads are stripped and the flange material is almost crumbling.

I thought about using some kind of silicone to just hold the drain cover in place on the broken flange side, but I need to be able to take the drain cover off from time to time to clean out hair, etc.

Another idea would be to put some JB weld or some kind of epoxy to reattach the flange, but then I still have the problem of the stripped threads.

I really don't want to replace the drain because this is an upstairs bathroom, so we'd have to cut the ceiling in the living room to access it.

I did try to use some plumbers putty, but it does not hold it in place and it makes quite a mess too.

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