Garmaine Staff asked 2 years ago

Two-part question:

First, are the can-less, low-profile LED downlights (e.g. HALO HLB Lite 4" LED) suitable for new construction, or only for remodels? I'm getting confused about the Code rules for junction box accessibility/installation.

Second, if these are suitable for new construction, how should they be installed? Most of the online videos and even the product instructions seem to be geared towards the remodel customer. But what will my inspector be looking for before I drywall my ceiling? I know there are joist brackets for some of these products to which one can attach the light's j-box. Are these necessary? What Code(s) do I need to be aware of?

My project: this is an unfinished basement remodel in Seattle, USA. There are no wall or ceiling coverings yet.