Garmaine Staff asked 3 years ago

So I always try and buy the cheapest, off peak ticket – i.e super-off-peak.

Sitting here at my desk on a long Thursday, I really want to get that earlier train which is "normal" off peak – but alas, I bought a super off peak which means I need to hold off for another hour.

The difference between the tickets is only £7 – a price I am willing to pay to get into my lovely bed on the other side of the county and start my weekend. So the question is:

Would I be able to get that slightly earlier train and pay the difference?

Or would I have to buy a new ticket (obviously I'm aware I could refund the old one, but that would make the upgrade a total of £17 more after you take the admin fee).


  • Padding – Cheltenham Spa
  • Super off peak single – valid only changing at or passing through Stroud (but I often get the return version)
  • Mobile ticket – bought via TheTrainLine
  • Usually a GWR train