QuestionsCategory: QuestionsWhich currents are counted as AMOC in the North Atlantic and which are not?
Clean Harbors Staff asked 3 months ago

This question is related to this question. I am currently trying to understand which currents in the North Atlantic are counted as part of the AMOC:

I am sure about the currents:

  1. N. Atlantic current
  2. Norwegian Current
  3. Gulf Stream

For the currents:

  1. Norwegan Current
  2. Baffin Bay
  3. Canarias current
  4. North Atlantic Deep Water Current
  5. Irminger Current
  6. West Greenland Current
  7. E Greenland Current
  8. Irminger Current
  9. North Iceland Irminger Current

I´m not so sure. I find some contradictory literature (I do know Wiki isn´t the best source but nice to get an overview) on these currents. Whilst some mention these currents, they are hardly mentioned in other literature.

Even this figure didn´t make it clear which currents are related towards the AMOC

enter image description here

Do you have a good list of which currents are included?